Monday, March 2, 2009

So much to do, so little time

In an effort to get a handle on what our big Thailand/Cambodia trip is going to cost us next year, I've been doing some extensive research on flights and transportation, hotels, and activites.

My conclusion: we don't have enough time planned to do everything that we want. And it's stressing me out. We're already going to be gone for 18 days. Our vacation time bank can't take anymore of a hit. Realistically probably our wallet can't either. And I've also never vacationed for such a long time and in such a different culture so I'm worried I might get a little antsy being away from my usual food and my very comfortable bed.

I also struggle with balancing our time. We don't want to be those crazed tourists who have activities planned from 7 am until 10 pm and come home exhausted. But we also don't want to lounge in bed until noon every day and miss out on seeing and doing some fantastic things. If I wanted to be that lazy I could stay in my bed at home for free. So it's always a constant battle to get some rest and relaxation on vacation, pick only our favorite activities or experiences, and leave enough time for some spontaneity.

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I'm a heart warrior! said...

I'm always torn - wanting to stretch a vacation from a Friday evening after work, to the Sunday evening before we return to work. I also never want to go home feeling as I left something undone. I don't want to have regrets, wishing I had taken the time to see another museum, monument, etc. However, sometimes we've forced ourselves just to "relax" and enjoy the quiet time as well. I've never left having regrets, as I've feared.