Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Megabus

The Husband and I bought bus tickets to visit the in-laws for Christmas on the Megabus. A total of $4.50 for 2 round trip tickets and a booking fee. We take a taxi there this morning even though it's close enough to walk. It's been raining and snowing and there's gigantic puddles everywhere. We get to the bus stop and it's mobbed. Apparently the geniuses booked all the busses to leave at the same time. There's also supposed to be one bus that goes to Ann Arbor and continues on to Detroit. Between overbooking and the bus last night not running because of snow, they need 3 busses to get all the passengers to Michigan. People are pushing, no one has any idea what's going on, and we stood in the rain for 45 minutes before getting on a bus. Oh and my feet are soaked from the rivers of water that are running in the street and sidewalks.

I'm at a rest stop in Michigan now where I will be having some fried chicken for lunch on Christmas Eve. That's right, I'm classy like that. The actual bus is pretty nice. There's wifi and they're going to be showing Anchorman after the rest stop. It sucks that our rest stop is 30 minutes though. All in all quite the experience and you get what you pay for.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Next Year's Plans

The Husband has tons of free air miles saved up and it doesn't look like travel for work is going to slow down any time soon either. We've been looking into some international trips that take advantage of our miles.

We talked about doing Paris or Amsterdam for a long weekend over Labor Day or else later in September for our anniversary. I've already been to Paris but it was on a school trip in high school and I was only 16 or 17. I'm sure it's much different as an adult where I can actually drink since I don't have to follow school rules and I'm not in a tour group.

Neither of us have ever been to Amsterdam. The Husband is worried that people will think we're going for the weekend just to smoke pot. I would prefer to go to Holland in the spring though when all the tulips are in bloom. We had a great time just doing 2 days in London earlier this year so we think a weekend trip is doable.

Then as I was playing on Expedia instead of studying for exams I saw that this February there are some cruises through Asia for only $1200 for 2 weeks. In my mind I'm thinking we can use our free miles to get there and it's only $1200 including food so we only have to pay for excursions. Well first you can't use miles to fly into one city and out of another. Then next February's cruises are much higher priced that they're not worth it. And the most important thing - I completely forgot that I'd be in school next February and can't just take off for 2 weeks. I'm supposed to be studying but I can't even remember I'm still in school. I think I'm completely losing it.

After speaking to some of my favorite travel buffs, I think we've decided to try to do 2 weeks in Thailand next year right after Christmas. I was convinced cruising was not the way to see the countries. (But the thought of seeing so many countries in only 2 weeks is so tempting!) We are definitely looking at Thailand with maybe a stop in Cambodia or Laos. With free flights and cheap hotels available, this should be an economical trip. Probably cheaper than any 2 week trip we could do in the US, especially with our champagne taste. Plus we would get to go to an elephant training facility and ride elephants. How cool is that?

We are a little nervous about the food. The Husband is a very picky eater. He doesn't eat vegetables. He doesn't eat anything he doesn't know what it is. And I'm afraid 2 weeks of Asian food will just send him over the edge. He might be able to handle it for one night at home knowing his next meal will be a cheeseburger, but 2 weeks is a lot. Add to this my very sensitive stomach and it's a recipe for disaster. Luckily with the help of I have identified several steak, Italian, and seafood restaurants in Bangkok to make him happy.

We probably won't actually decide if we're going until June or so but I think I'm going to pick up a couple of guidebooks at the library tonight anyway.