Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chicago - Michigan Avenue

To me there's nothing more Chicago than Michigan Avenue. I absolutely love it and it brings back a lot of great memories from when I visited growing up. I don't actually get over there often even though I live and work not too far away. Too dangerous for the wallet and sometimes too crowded with tourists. But this spring and summer I hope anyone who is in Chicago visits. Michigan Avenue. Because I have a piece of art decorating the Mag Mile now. The sculpture was mainly designed by my friend Sarah but there were several of us who worked on the design team.

Several architectural firms have designed sculptures at the request of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. These sculptures can be found in the tulip beds along the street. Ours is located right in front of Tiffany's. The sculpture's were based on Daniel Burnham's plan for the city since this year is the centennial celebration.

We installed the sculpture last night at 10 pm. Mysteriously no one who passed by as we were digging in the dirt in the middle of the night gave us little more than a second glance. These pictures aren't the best since we didn't get all our lighting installed yet so hopefully I'll have some better ones soon. I included a picture from the shop so you can see it better.

At the welding shop

The awesome truck with flames we had to rent to deliver the sculpture

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