Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I suck at life

We booked our trip to Thailand and Cambodia for next Christmas tonight. We originally wanted to leave the 20th to take advantage of DH having the 24th through the 29th off of work for shut down and come back 18 days later. Figured I'd be done with school then. However there weren't many flights available around using miles around Christmas and New Years so we had to switch things around.

We looked at about 80 billion different options in December and January so that we'd be able to use our miles and our hotel points since there were so many blackout dates.

We decided on Dec 11 - Dec 29.

And genius me forgot about a little something called grad school. Just checked the academic calendar for next year. Exams end on the 23rd.

Our trip dates won't work. Sigh. Hoping now that we can change it to leaving December 22nd and either hope my exam is before that or talk my professor into letting me take it early since I'm a distance learning student anyway (aka I am getting my degree online).

I hate myself so much right now.

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I hope it works out!