Friday, March 6, 2009

Restaurant Week Part II - onesixtyblue

This review is way overdue. We ate there almost 2 weeks ago for Restaurant Week but I was too lazy to get the pictures off the camera.

We ate there on a Tuesday. We had called nearly a month in advance for reservations and were told our two choices were 5pm or 8pm. Hmmm must be a popular place. When we got there it was pretty crowded but there were still tables available.

I loved the decor. Very warm and welcoming. The bar looked like a great place to have a drink. The Husband was embarassed when I brought out the camera so I don't really have any pictures of the restaurant. That's also why several of the pictures are really dark and basically suck because the flash was too much.

We had originally booked because their 3-course Restaurant Week menu looked fantastic. However by the time Restaurant Week had come they'd changed the menu a bit which was disappointing.

Then after looking at the regular menu I decided I wanted to get the blue crab ravioli and an appetizer instead of the Restaurant Week menu. Unfortunately they were out of the blue crab ravioli. I had been really excited about that too.

We decided to each get different appetizers, entrees, and desserts to try some different things. I got the short end of the stick with this arrangement as The Husband's appetizer and entree were vastly better than mine.

I had the chicken chorizo gumbo for an appetizer which had okra, molasses, and smoked rock shrimp. It wasn't really any better than other gumbo I've had. I wouldn't get it again.

The Husband had leek gnocchi with baby leek, leek emulsion, and black perigord truffle. This was delicious. I could have eaten a whole bowl of this.

For my entree I had the chicken and biscuits with a roast amish chicken, braised kale, and foie gras sauce. The chicken and the sauce was good. The biscuits tasted like any other biscuit I've ever had. And there were these little fried things on my plate which I thought would have chicken inside but they tasted like fish. I made The Husband try them without telling him what it was and he said it wasn't chicken either.

The Husband had the hanger steak. This was excellent and served medium rare. It came with fingerling potato, wild mushroom, and smoked italian sausage. Fingerling potato is just a fancy word for really good mashed potatoes.

I had the trio of sorbets for dessert that came with vanilla bean shortbreads. There was an apple, orange, and I think it was raspberry sorbet. Good, but nothing exceptionally exciting. The apple one had a great tangy flavor though.

The husband had the chocolate panna cotta which came with cocoa nib streusel, spanish peanut crisp, and coffee cocoa nib ice cream. He's not a fan of coffee flavor so the dessert was only so-so. You can see the foam in this picture. There was liberal use of foam throughout the meal. Definitely some in the leek gnocchi. Maybe in another dish as well.

I almost forgot. The best part of our meal was a fabulous sauvignon blanc. And because we are member's of the West Loop organization and have a special discount card, we got 50% off the bottle.
We really enjoyed our meal but I don't think we'd go back in the near future. There are too many other places to try and this one didn't make our favorites list.

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