Monday, March 16, 2009

I forgot how expensive Europe is

The last two vacations we have taken have been to South America and our next big one that we're planning is to Thailand and Cambodia. Those destinations are relatively inexpensive, not including plane flights there and back. Now after looking into our budget for Germany I realized I forgot how expensive Europe is.

Last time I headed to Europe was in September to join The Husband on a business trip. I was able to stay in the room paid for by his company and the only real expenses we had were the tube passes and our anniversary dinner one night. One day while I was wandering around alone while The Husband was at work I even found my lunch for under $5 for a sandwich and a Sprite. This time we're extending The Husband's work trip by 3 days so we don't get the free hotel benefit this time. Luckily we found a great deal at one of the top ranked hotels on Trip Advisor, Fleming's Hotel Munchen City, for $120/night. But some things are beyond expensive. Like getting to and from the airport by train for the two of us is over $45. A cab would be $65. Here in Chicago it's under $10 to take the train to the airport.

Food is also expensive. After glancing through the restaurant recommendations on, I saw that some restaurants that had only one $ sign, the lowest frommers gives, that have entrees in the range of $15-$30. I was hoping more for a sandwich for $8 for the one dollar sign category.

There are some great deals though. Like the train ticket for 28 Euros that gets us to Salzburg and Austria for the day. One train ticket is 28 Euros roundtrip and up to 5 people can travel on it. For the two of us that amounts to 7 Euros each way which is less than getting to the airport! The same ticket is valid to get to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwagau Castles.


Liz said...

We were on a tight budget when we went with my ILs. The food at the Hofbrau Haus is actually a good value. We ate there a number of times-- cheese spaetzle, goulash with dumplings, lots of options.

The trains are a really good deal-- glad you found out about the pass for up to 5 people. That saved us a ton of money!

Liz said...

Oh and if you go to the Hofbrau Haus, you must order dessert. They have a dessert with "yeast" in the name, it might be a yeast dumpling. Get it... it's like a big donut. Yum.