Monday, April 19, 2010

Phuket - John Gray Sea Canoe

We booked one excursion while in Phuket, the highly recommended Hong by Starlight tour through John Gray's Sea Canoe.  The cost was a little over $100 each plus tips but was well worth it.  We were picked up around noon and dropped off at our hotel around 10 pm.

They provided a light lunch and a delicious dinner of Thai food.  We took a large boat out to the islands.

The picture above illustrates a hong. 

Groups of two had their own inflatable boat and guide who paddled.  We didn't have to do any paddling at all!  So relaxing.

You can bring your camera on the inflatable boat in a dry bag that they provide.

We squeezed through this little hole in our boat.  We had to lay flat and I was terrified my face was going to scrape the rocks.


And here is where we popped out of the cave.  The entire lagoon was surrounded by island.

You can play Where's Waldo with the lizard.

With the help of our guide, we made these offerings.  It is a tradition in Thailand to do this one day a year and float them down the river.

We floated ours in a cave.  Unfortunately the cave smelled because of the bat poop so that was a little unpleasant.
We had a great day exploring the natural wonders that are the hongs and it was great to get out on the water and see the beauty that is Thailand.


weezermonkey said...

Most excellent photos! You guys are so cute in your boat pic!

10yearstogether said...

That is so NEAT!

Tamara said...

Them are some great pictures! WHat a fun experience.

BTW, I found your blog via your siggy on the Nest. I'm officially a follower :-)

Emily said...

I love the glowing offerings - very pretty! I can't wait to get back to Thailand. Your trip looks like it was wonderful.