Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cambodia - Angkor Wat Sunrise

We started our second day in the pitch blackness.  We were picked up by our driver and guide before sunrise and went to get a spot at Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise.  We'd hired a guide named Tek Leng and we'd recommend him.  He was sick the first morning but sent another guide in his place.  It was actually nice to get the perspective of two different guides over the two days.  Guide and driver are $30 each per day with a little extra for early mornings or temples that are far away.

Sunrise takes a long time but it's very interesting to watch the progression of colors over the temple.  The good thing about getting up for sunrise is we were able to get a lot done before it started getting hot out at 9 am.  In fact, we ended our day around 1 pm after we ate lunch even though we'd hired the guide and drive for the whole day.  At that point we'd been going for 8 hours already anyway and the pool and the masseusse was calling my name.