Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cappadocia - Hotel

Our hotel was awesome!  We stayed at the Kelebek Hotel in Goreme.  Our room was in a cave!  It was carved out of one of the fairy chimneys you've seen in so many of the other pictures.

I can't say enough about the Kelebek Hotel.  The service was wonderful.  We arrived very late the first night after the hotel restaurant had closed.  One of the owners drove us into town to a restaurant that was open and then came and picked us up.  The travel agency that is based out of hotel set up all of our excursions while we were in Cappadocia.

Prices for the rooms were very reasonable.  Prices range from 35 Euros for a room with a shared bathroom up to 180 Euros for one of the Presidential Suites.  We opted for a junior suite for 70 Euros.  I likely wouldn't opt for anything larger than the regular sized suites.  Even in November, we spent the little extra time we had at the hotel during the day hanging out on the patio overlooking town.  Plus the internet is only available in the common area.

The only negative was while there is heat in the cave rooms, it wasn't adequate for my cold-blooded veins.  I spent most of my time wrapped in many many layers.  Plus the water in the showers is powered by solar water and doesn't get warm enough in the morning or at night.  This can be solved by getting scrubbed at the Hammam instead of taking a regular shower.

Our room

The couch is actually a stone bench carved into the cave

Only downside was the bathroom was tiny.  And damn that toilet was cold on your butt in the cave.

Entrance to hotel

Entrance to our room


Another patio

Another entrance to Kelebek

Balcony off the reception area

Pool for use in the summer


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