Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Round the World Trips

I've been reading a few blogs and websites that detail people's around the world trips. Each page I read I have more ideas and inspiration about where to travel. And each website leaves me wanting to do my own round the world trip. But there are a few reasons this would never work out.

1. I'm a princess. Well not really but I really really like things like warm showers, comfortable beds, and not having to go to the bathroom in a hole. I've been debating hiking the Inca Trail for about a year now. But that's as far as I'm willing to go. I much prefer a Hilton. Or even better, a Ritz Carlton (not that I could afford to stay there).

2. I fly nearly everywhere. I get car sick easily so I prefer to fly. Which could get pretty expensive if we're travelling the world. And if I get car sick in a comfortable late model lovely rental car, can you imagine how I'd be feeling on one of those crazy busses careening through the mountains? No thanks.

3. I'm too logical and too much of a control freak. Quitting my job to travel the world? Gasp! That is too crazy for me. Not being in control of things that happen when travelling? It could give me a stroke. I'm able to keep my control freak away for our 2 week trips (and trust me it's hard). But I wouldn't be able to keep it tucked away for an extended period of time.

4. The thought of wearing the same clothes for 6 months to a year makes me break out in hives. As does the thought of having to leave my pretty shoe collection behind. I've gotten good at packing. I took a carry-on for 2 weeks in Brazil. I'm taking a carry-on for 10 days in Costa Rica. But I know I will come home soon and have access to all my pretty clothes. Plus the thought of packing for so many different climates is just too overwhelming. Bikinis for the beach and parkas for the mountains? Arrggghhh!

5. I don't like my husband that much. It's okay. He doesn't like me that much either. Actually, we like each other a lot. But spending pretty much all day, every day, together for such a long time would really wear on us since we're such independent people. Especially as The Husband travels for work and we're often apart, all that togetherness would really be a shock to us. We need our alone time and I think that would be difficult to find when we're in a small hotel room and there's few other people around to speak English with. Plus, don't you run out of things to talk about?


Erin said...

I agree with you on almost every point! I love reading these blogs but would NEVER be able to do it. I often wonder about how 2 people don't run out of things to talk about as well. Even on a 2 week trip by the end my husband and I are kind of struggling :)

Liz said...

I totally agree with #1. The others, while they apply to me, I could probably deal with.

The Inca Trail doesn't appeal to me at all. My aunt, who has done that and gone to Cambodia, said we should go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat instead. We did, and stayed in a luxury hotel (see your #1) for $80/night. :)

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

We are actually hoping to do Angkor Wat next winter when we go to Thailand. I think I will love the hotels we can get there for $100 or less.

Erin Palmer said...

Fun blog!! I wore the same 4-5 outfits for 3 months straight when I traveled. I threw them all away at the end of my trip because I was so sick of them!