Friday, January 16, 2009

Restaurant Week

The best part about the cold, gray, and slushie month of February is Restaurant Week. I believe Restaurant Week started in New York City several years ago. Even Dayton, Ohio had a restaurant week several years ago that I dined at with my mom. Chicago just caught on last year though.

We have reservations at two restaurants right now and we might add a third.

One of our reservations is at David Burke's Primehouse. This is one of our favorite restaurants. We really set out to try some new places but their menu was too good of a deal. Here's the menu for you to salivate over:

I can already tell you what I'll be getting. I'll start with the pretzel crusted crabcake while stealing half of The Husband's lobster bisque. Then I'll have the petite filet. It's half the size of the regular filet on the menu but I really don't need 12 ounces of beef anyway. When I try and eat the whole filet is when I also have the desire to unbutton my pants under the table. Finally I'm going to try the Apple Cheddar Pie for dessert which sounds like quite the interesting combination of flavors.

The other restaurant we chose is onesixtyblue which is owned by Michael Jordan. I feel onesixtyblue flies under the radar. I never hear about it but it gets great reviews. Plus it's in our neighborhood so we could theoretically walk if I wasn't going to be all dolled up in my heels. I'm really excited to try this place since it's a slight departure from our normal restaurants. Generally when we have a more expensive dinner out we choose steakhouses, seafood, or Italian. They are our favorites and if we're spending the money we want to like them. So we're excited to try some food that's a little more fancy. Here's the menu:

Here's the listing of all the restaurants who are participating in Restaurant Week:

And if you have any recommendations for a third restaurant let me know.

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Liz said...

How about the Melting Pot?


Of the other restaurants, I have been to Japonais, Rosebud, and Bistro 110. They were all nice, and I'd return, but nothing too exciting.

A local restaurant reporter just went to Sushi Samba in Chicago and was very unimpressed.

I love the two restaurants you've chosen so far. I hope the food is great!