Sunday, January 11, 2009


I wish I had pictures for my first official blog post about a restaurant. But unfortunately I forgot the camera at home in my excitement to feed my famished stomach.

It was girls night out last night for me and a friend. We chose Follia since it's located right down the street from me. Which was lucky since there was a snow storm. We teetered over there in our high-heeled boots which was a mistake but what shoes were we supposed to wear? Flats would have gotten snow in them, heels were a mistake since it was slippery. But we were not wearing snow boots to this trendy restaurant.

The restaurant was very modern and trendy inside with a small bar in the middle. We split a bottle of pinot grigio that was very good. We shared two appetizers - caprese di bufala and prosciutto e parmigiano. The mozzarella in the caprese was amazing. Some of the best in the city You get a huge chunk of it right in the middle of the plate surrounded by seasoned tomatoes. The tomatoes were excellent for this time of year. The prosciutto was also wonderful although the parmigiano was only so-so.

For dinner we split a pizza. We chose the pizza casereccia which was a white pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms according to the menu. I loved the hint of gorgonzola in the pizza. Not overpowering at all. I don't think I found a single mushroom in the pizza though (which is good because I'd planned on picking them out anyway). However, the pizza was a little overpowering with the amount of herbs on top (which was not mentioned on the menu).

Other negatives were I found the trendy plastic chairs to be fairly uncomfortable. Also, the prices listed on the website were much lower than the prices listed on the menu when we got there. Looks like they have some updating to do.

It was a good meal although not my favorite Italian in the city or even the neighborhood. You can also get the pizzas next door at Fulton Lounge. After perusing Fulton Lounge's website it also looks like you can get the caprese there too.

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