Friday, April 1, 2011

Knysna and Featherbed Nature Reserve

Knysna is a vacation town situated on a lagoon.  I had trouble deciding whether to stay in Knysna or Plettenberg Bay.  In the end the general concensus was Knysna is for old rich people and Plettenberg Bay is for college kids who like to get drunk.  Well we're neither of those.  But we picked Knysna because The Heads looked interesting.  The Heads flank either side of the entrance to the lagoon from the Indian Ocean.  Going in and out of the lagoon is very dangerous because of the hidden rocks and the rough seas.  There have been many famous shipwrecks in history.

The west side of The Heads is part of the Featherbed Nature Reserve and is only accessible by a limited amount of tours.  This tour was pretty highly rated.  Yet all it consisted of was a tram ride to the top and then a walk down a trail.  Except that there were several people in the group who were not in shape enough to walk or were children and we had to wait for them as we weren't allowed to get ahead of the group.  There also wasn't a ton of vegetation and really no animals to see.  This was really the only disappointment of our whole trip so I can't complain, but I just really can't recommend it.  Thankfully we hadn't booked the tour with the accompanying buffet lunch.  I can't imagine that was great food.

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Beautiful! And how cute are you in your hat?! :)