Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing weeks ago when it first opened. Unfortunately The Husband hijacked both the camera and the computer that had my pictures on it and took it to Europe for his work trip. So I finally have the pictures back.

First, a couple impressions. Very crowded and possibly not enough stairs for circulation. I know crowds will die down though. I love the restaurant and cafe on the roof. I can't wait to go one night this summer. The new bridge is a little bouncy but don't worry it's perfectly safe. I love how the interior is so light an airy which is atypical for a museum.

I only did a quick whirlwind tour of the museum and Millenium Park since I was on my lunch hour but managed to make it through almost the entire modern wing. They have a great section on architecture which is such an important art in Chicago.

I'll admit that sometimes I just don't get certain pieces of art. I just don't have an eye for it. I couldn't tell you why some pieces are special or why it costs so much money if it looks like something a 4 year old could have done.

Tops on that list of "art I don't get" would be the creepy clown videos. Skip these at all costs unless you want to have nightmares. Or are into very eccentric art. I'm traumatized after seeing them.

The Art Institute of Chicago is free on Thursday and Friday evenings during the summer from 5 pm to 9 pm.

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weezermonkey said...

That's so cool that there are free nights at the Art Institute! I'd totally take advantage of that!