Wednesday, May 13, 2009

El Barco

I went to El Barco (corner of Cortez & Ashland) last week for a friend's birthday. It's a fairly small place and they managed to squeeze our party of 14 in fairly quickly with two tables right next to each other. It also happened to be Cinco de Mayo.

We started with some hard taco shells and three different salsas. Damn was the salsa spicy. Do not try it unless you have a glass of water in front of you.

Most people at our table split the margarita pitchers which were a great deal. Since I don't like tequila I went with a strawberry daiquiri. It was monster-sized and strong. Driving afterwards not recommended. Take the bus home.

I had the carne asada tostados for dinner. A little messy but excellent. A lot of cheese on them (I hate when places are stingy with cheese). The steak was delicious though. I highly recommend.

El Barco is known for their seafood and everyone who ordered it said it was excellent.

The only downside was service was pretty slow and they messed up our bill at the end but I'd still return.

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