Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 6 - Buenos Aires

A much needed morning of sleeping in, then we headed down to the San Telmo neighborhood to eat and explore. San Telmo is the neighborhood most think of when they think of Buenos Aires. It's very romantic and associated with the tango. We ate lunch at Bar El Federal. Bar El Federal is known as a bar notable - these are historic bars that must be preserved by law, nothing can be changed. I had a sandwich with prosiutto and the largest piece of roquefort cheese ever and a strawberry smoothie. The husband had a ham and cheese sandwich. And we managed to use strictly spanish to get through the meal.

We spent the afternoon shopping along Calle Florida up to Gallerias Pacifico. There The Husband throws a fit that I'd been in every shoe store in the city but hadn't yet bought any shoes and I had to like at least one of the pairs. So I finally found a pair of pink leather flats I liked. And that started my shopping spree. I ended up with shoes, a dress, and a scarf from the Gallerias Pacifico.

For dinner that night we had reservations at Bar d'Uriarte. After a ridiculous cab ride where the cab driver got lost twice and finally the cab broke down and then we had to walk several blocks, we finally found the restaurant. We had the large cheese plate and bruschetta with brie, sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto to start. Both were delicious. For dinner we shared the skirt steak which wasn't that impressive for being from the land of beef. Then The Husband had a piece of cake for dessert. Total price for dinner was about 70 dollars. In the US the meal would have been closer to 200 or 250. I love argentina! We were hoping to go out to a bar recommended by my friend Ashley but I was starting to feel sick and it was already midnight so we just headed back to the hotel.

Bar El Federal

Calle Florida

Gallerias Pacifico
Bar d'Uriarte

My new shoes

Cheese platter and bruschetta

Skirt steak


View from our hotel room at night

View from our hotel

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