Monday, March 15, 2010

Bangkok - Vertigo

After a wonderful dinner at Biscotti at the Four Seasons, we headed up to Vertigo.  Vertigo is located on the top floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel.  I was worried we wouldn't be hip enough or dressed up enough since I didn't bring any of my beloved high heels to Asia.  However, there were some other guests wearing "backpacker chic" and Jesus sandals.

I was worried the drinks were going to be expensive but for 2 drinks plus tip it was less than $20, which was much less than we were expecting.  The downside is the wait at the bar can be long and it can also be difficult to find a seat.  We were there in the high season though.

Besides the bar there is a restaurant although I've heard food is so-so for the price.

We also got to take a tuk-tuk home which was death defying but a definite worthwhile Bangkok experience.


Liz said...

You totally look like a model in a magazine shoot in that second photo!

I am glad you had a good experience- I think I told you my BIL/wife went there and their two drinks came to $100!

Also nice job on the tuk tuk- a must-do experience :)

weezermonkey said...