Thursday, August 20, 2009

Turkey for Turkey Day

Turkish Airlines is having a great sale on non-stop flights from Chicago to Istanbul in November. We are seriously thinking about taking a 9 day trip over Thanksgiving to Istanbul and Cappadocia. For now I have 2 travel guides I'll be reading on my 6 hour drive back to Ohio tomorrow.


Hollywoodwannnab said...

what websites do you use to check on sales etc. ???

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I was actually just fooling around on Expedia putting in a ton of European cities. I use to compare if there's certain dates and a certain destination I want. And I book through the actual airline. You aren't eligible for frequent flier miles on Expedia which is fine if it's a 1 hour flight and only 300 miles but it's important to get the miles if you're going overseas.

SFCityGirl said...

I would totally do it! Nothing gives me a bigger headache than thanksgiving so I'd be thrilled to get out of town. Last year, I stayed in town alone and it was a pretty awesome weekend.