Monday, April 13, 2009

Old Town

I bought this pack of cards for 50 different walks around Chicago to explore different neighborhoods. It was a beautiful day yesterday (if still cold and windy), so we decided to start exploring.

First up we decided on Old Town.

We grabbed lunch at Adobo Grill (see review here). Then we started doing the walks starting from the end point. We forgot our camera so no pictures. The Husband took a few on his phone but they weren't very good.

We combined two walks into one since they were in the same area. First up we did Wells Street. This turned into a little shopping (I swear only a little) but still managed to annoy The Husband.

Here's some stores I recommend:

The Spice House - a must for any cook. We had a lot of fun in here and it's nice that you can buy the spices in small quantities. They have everything you could possibly need.

Old Town Oil - another great store for those who love to cook. They had some really cool flavored olive oils here. You can sample all the olive oils and balsamics before buying.

Pulp and Ink - a great selection of invitations and all sorts of paper products that even The Husband thought was kind of cool. Pricey though.

String A Strand on Wells - bead store/make your own necklace place. Had a lot of different beads and things to work with. I don't have the creativity to make my own jewelery though but I enjoyed browsing.

Next walk was around the Old Town Triangle area. Such a cute area with lots of cool buildings and different architectural styles. Also, would be a great place to live. You're steps away from public transportation and shopping, yet the streets were all so quiet and peaceful. A big change from my big noisy building right downtown.

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