Thursday, April 2, 2009

Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 3 we headed out of the city again for a day trip. We were headed out to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles near the town of Fussen. We used a Bayern ticket to get there again. Warning for those headed there in the summer: it will likely be packed and you may not be able to get a seat on the train. We had connecting trains on the way back and the first one was very full and the second one had lots of people standing on it. Be prepared for chaos.

Since we were going at the tail end of winter though the crowds weren't bad. We saw some beautiful snow-covered landscapes on the train ride in with the Alps in the background.

When we arrived in town we went to buy our tickets. (Another note for summer: buy in advance on the internet.) Then headed to lunch at one of the hotels. There we shared a pizza and had beers that were half beer, half lemonade. It makes a nice daytime drink.

Neuschwanstein is known as the fairy tale castle since that's the castle Walt Disney used to base the castle in the parks off of. And it really is beautiful. It was built by the mad King Ludwig although he spent only a little time in it before he died. Hohenschwangau was where Ludwig lived growing up and is nearby.

A lot of the trails were closed for hike up to Neuschwanstein because they were still covered in snow and ice. So we hiked up the road which unfortunately is what the horse drawn carriages also use so it was covered in horse poop. We also saw some interesting outfits. Who hikes up a mountain wearing heels and a skirt?

It is a long and tiring hike up so I would recommend taking a carriage or the bus if you aren't in good shape or if it's really hot out.

We took a tour of Neuschwanstein but unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of the castle. I was surprised how small some of the rooms were, it being a castle and all. It seemed a lot of the space was taken up by hallways. Sounds like King Ludwig could have used an architect for some space planning assistance.

We didn't take a tour of Hohenschwangau. One castle a day is enough for us.

After we got back from our long train ride we went to dinner then headed over to Hackerhaus. Hackerhaus is the Hacker Pschorr brewery. Since it was Sunday night it was pretty dead but looked like a fun place on any other night of the week.

view on the train ride in
Neuschwanstein Castle

the town


horse drawn carriage you can take up to the castle

waterfall during our hike up to the castle

restaurant near the castle

another view of Neuschwanstein

View from one of the rooms of the castle

The Husband's secret picture of the throne room


Liz said...

We hiked up those trails-- in the snow-- in late December. It was not fun. I did see a woman with a skirt and heels on doing it, she was crazy.

Great photos!

Swank said...

I loved that castle. We were there in early June. The crowds on the train weren't bad but the crowd to see the castle were huge. We walked the two miles or so to the next town over to have our was very good.

WeezerMonkey said...