Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 9 - Salvador

The Husband is still sick. I ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Fresh juice and fresh fruit, eggs, ham and cheese, and a little pastry. I just hung around the hotel today hoping The Husband would get better and we could go explore the town. No luck there. I spent most of my day by the pool with breaks to the bar for passion fruit caiprivodkas and lunch. The pool has a nice view overlooking the bay. I'd gotten tickets for the both of us to go to the ballet , the Bale Folclorico de Bahia, but I ended up by myself. It was located right around the corner from our hotel. The performance was excellent. First it started with some dances about Candomble, which is a religion the slaves started on the plantations. Then there was some capoeira, a martial art. Finally there was some samba. Early night for us hoping The Husband would feel better tomorrow.

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