Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 13 - Buzios

Given that Buzios is our relaxing part of the trip, we haven't really done anything while here. And we don't have plans to do much else. After lunch in town we took a trolley tour of the area. We some beautiful beaches and beautiful houses where the rich people vacation. It was nice to see a little more of the area other than downtown and our hotel and the lookout spots we stopped at had great views.

We had dinner at Don Juan's tonight, a steakhouse. I started with bruschetta and The Husband had a baked potato. What we learned is in Brazil, when cheddar cheese is listed on the menu they are referring to cheez whiz in a can. Look at the picture of the potato below. We also noticed this the next night at the Crepe stand. For dinner The Husband had a pasta that he somewhat enjoyed. By this point in the trip and after being sick he just wanted to go home and eat his comfort foods. I had a delicious filet with gorgonzola sauce. The beef was excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant if you're in Buzios.

Downtown Buzios

Downtown Buzios

Don Juan restaurant

Fishermen sculpture

The penguin restaurant

Buggys you can rent while in Buzios. I wanted a pink one.

View from our trolley tour

View of us at a lookout stop on the trolley tour

View of a beach

Our stop at a beach. It was way too cold to swim. Notice the sweatshirt in the picture above.


Another stop on the trolley tour

Baked potato with cheez whiz

Bruschetta on whole wheat bread

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Cheez Whiz? Really?! Very interesting!