Friday, February 20, 2009

Thailand and Cambodia on Hold

Just as The Husband and I were about to book our flights to Thailand this weekend I received some bad news at the office yesterday. All salaries have been reduced 10%. So this will reduce the travel budget quite a bit. We're still keeping the prospect open and have thought of ways of reducing the cost of the trip. This includes cutting down on some of the activities and skipping Cambodia. But the other part of me thinks if we're going all the way to Thailand (which is like 19 hours total on a plane), I don't want to skip Angkor Wat. I also don't want to shorten the trip too much to save money because the likelihood of us going back for a very long time is very slim. Too many other places to see. I also hate being on a strict budget for vacations and don't find it very enjoyable.

Another option we're entertaining is a shorter trip that would still make use of The Husband's time off next Christmas is a trip to Barcelona and the surrounding area for a week. If we don't travel around too much costs should remain pretty low. I'm also open to any other ideas for about 10 days after Christmas.


Liz said...

We went to Barcelona over Christmas 2006, and I would not do so again. Much of the area is basically closed down Dec 24-27th in observance of the holidays. We had way too much down time. If you do go to Barcelona, you must add Girona to your visit. We also enjoyed the Parador in Cardona, Spain.

I hope that it works out that you can travel to Thailand/Cambodia!

I'm a heart warrior! said...

We went to Barcelona in Jan of 2008 and again in Jan of 2009 and LOVE it. There's so much to do, and Spain is pretty inexpensive. It's chilly, but not freezing around Dec/Jan. There are still clementines on the trees lining the streets - and the palm trees are pretty leafy. However, if the sun isn't out the wind can make things pretty cold. Let me know if you want any hotel recs!

Katie Hammel said...

That's rough. Barcelona was great, (though yes some things were closed) and would definately reccommend going. But if you've got your heart set on Cambodia and Thailand (we ARE twins, we're planning Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam over Christmas 2010!) you can fine a way to make it work! Check out cheaper accomodations and trim your budget at home a little bit - reduce going out to eat or shopping for a few months and you may make up the lost funds!